Friday, 11 August 2017

Copper Underwing query

Had a Copper Underwing in the trap last week - at least I think it is. Have attached a picture of the underside and the copper/orange marks seem to stop at the dark cross-line so is that sufficient to confirm this ... ?  or is this going to be another Copper Underwing agg ?


  1. Howard - the general pale colour of the underside of the palps suggest copper u/w to me. With Svensson`s copper u/w, it`s only the very tips that are contrastingly pale. Excellent photos, as always.

  2. I think there was a paper a few years ago suggesting the markings on the palps aren't 100% reliable for separating the two. I must admit I only really use the underside hindwing markings - much more contrasting in Copper Underwing than Svensson's. See:

    Yours looks spot on for Copper Underwing to me.

  3. I'm also happy with Copper for this one, based mainly on the underside of the hindwings.