Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Central Roath

A few good moths over the last few days. A Grass Rivulet (new for site). Buff Footman & good numbers of Treble Brown Spot (garden, Roath Park & UHW Heath) plus a Bordered Straw, my first here since June 1996.
Also of note: a Striped Hawk-moth at Cardiff Prison 17.v.2017 (per Jan Scheeres)
From iPhone

Coegnant coal spoil, Nantyffyllon 26 June.


                                 Odd Clouded bordered brindle?

                                 Crambus pratella

                                Epinotia signatana 4.  Only 3 records of this in TMOG.

                                148 species in total identified, with 4 new for the valley list
                                and 12 new for the KM square. Highlights were 29 Elephant
                                hawkmoth, 26 Buff arches, Light arches, Small mottled willow,
                                Round winged muslin, Poplar grey, Rosy footman, Epiblema
                                costipunctana, Calamotropha palludella, catoptria margaritella
                                and Coleophora trifolii.

Creigiau - Sunday night

A respectable box on a much cooler Sunday night - 38 species with 8 new for the year, comprising Bird-cherry ermine, Celypha striana, Dark Arches, Dot Moth, Fern, Ingrailed Clay, Snout and Rustic/Uncertain,
Stuck on two, a plain orange-ish tortrix and a distinctively marked tortrix - both are eluding me at the moment. Grateful for further assistance.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


A Hummingbird Hawk was seen briefly at Cefn Onn quarry this afternoon, my first of the year.

Llandaff - Garden - 26th June

A mild and overcast night with some drizzle.

A decent haul of moths with some interesting species, a couple new to garden once again and a migrant.

Highlights being, Leopard Moth, Green Arches, Burnished Brass(2), Coronet(5), Small Mottled Willow and a lovely Ptycholomoides aeriferana.

The Leopard Moth is the second garden record, Green Arches was the 5th I've had this year, so far. I've not had Burnished Brass for many years, so to see two together was very nice.
The migrant Small Mottled Willow, I'm sure is a new garden record, but the cracking Tortrix, Ptycholomoides aeriferana, was so nice to see.

Still a few id's to confirm in the micro department.

Will upload some photos tomorrow, was late home this evening, so moths are chilling another night.

Llandaff North last night

I'm always complaining that my garden is a bit rubbish for moths, but I may have to stop this negative talk after recent bumper catches. Last night continued the recent run of excellent results, with 87 species in the Robinson MV.

I've waited 10 years for a Small Ranunculus here, and then two turn up on the same night!

Other highlights were Sycamore (photo), Haworth's Pug (2) and Anania stachydalis (alongside 20+ of its commoner relative Anania coronata).

Much less welcome was an early Square-spot Rustic - usually a sign that summer is ending and the best of the mothing is behind us. Let's hope that's not the case this year!

Monday, 26 June 2017

More from Port Eynon

When I'm here, I try to trap every night because the selection of moths is so much better than in my home garden! Although noticeably far fewer micros.

Last night, NFY were Peppered Moth, Lime Speck Pug, Eyed Hawk-moth (below), Privet Hawk-moth, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Grey Arches, Grey Dagger agg., Light Arches, Scarce Footman, Pebble Prominent, Lackey, Scalloped Oak and Lychnis.

Dave Morris