Sunday, 28 August 2016

Creigiau last night

The omens were good yesterday with Silver Y and Psychoides filicivora both seen in the borders in the afternoon and then we had the annual visit of of Pyrausta aurata. Last year it was accompanied by Pyrausta purpuralis so looking out for that now!

The overnight box attracted 157 moths of 53 species (I counted 48 Large Yellow Underwing & 23 Brimstone but there were probably more!). Highlights were 4 lifers -  Magpie Moth, Agriphila geniculea, Lathronympha strigana and Caloptilia alchimiella/robustella

Another highlight was the appearance of a very crisp Gold Spot

Garden Pebble also made a first appearance for the year.

Llangynwyd last night.

                   Peach blossom


                    Ypsolopha sequella, new for the Llynfi valley.

                   Stenolechia gemmella, new for the Llynfi valley.
                   40 sp on a warm, still night, 19 of which were micro's. Nice
                   to get 2 lifers, which were both additions to the valley list.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Horton on Gower last night.

Barry Stewart very kindly invited me along to see what might be in his two traps by the coast this morning. It was perhaps a bit cool for much in the way of migrants but the pick of the morning has to be this pug. We have decided that it really can't be anything else except Satyr Pug. However, there is only one other record from 1857 for VC41 and it doesn't fly in August so any other views welcome. I still have the moth if anyone needs to see it. It looks like the smaller, darker ssp callunaria.
We also had a second, rather worn, pug that might have been the same, plus a Tawny Speckled Pug.
I was very pleased to see 2 Mompha miscella which was also a new species for me, and these three other micros.

Possibly Satyr Pug ssp callunaria

Coptotriche marginea
Pyla fusca
Mompha miscella
Mirificarma mulinella

More from Prior's Meadow last Wednesday

Some micros I took home to photograph included 3 different Phyllonorycter species, Acleris emargana, Epermenia falciformis (I recorded 4) Cochylimorpha straminea. 
Phyllonorycter sorbi
Cochylimorpha straminea

Phyllonorycter rajella

Epermenia falciformis

Acleris emargana

Copper Underwing

Just getting the box ready for later and had an early arrival - a Copper Underwing landed on the window. Very skittish but I managed to catch it and grab some pictures without it getting away.

I've logged it as Copper Underwing but the palps suggest Svensson's - is this a reliable indicator? I've just checked my records, and strangely on 27 August last year I posted the exact same query - the result of which was that I logged it as Copper Underwing agg ! Maybe I've answered my own query.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

ID help please

Could someone please put me out of my misery - this looks as though it should be easy to ID but after a couple of hours of looking I'm just not seeing it ! I'm blaming my new glasses ...

Prior's Meadow

I can't compete with Paul's Portland Moth of course, but I did have 80 odd species last night at this Wildlife Trust site including this migrant Vestal and a Ypsolopha sequella which I can never resist photographing.
Ypsolopha sequella